About Prime

Prime Ltd is the largest meat processor in Malta.

In 2003 the Company set out to physically upgrade its infrastructure both in terms of production facilities and also in terms of production processes. As a result, the premises have been physically enlarged and generally refurbished with finishes that can uphold the levels of hygiene required to meet EU Standards.

Strict quality control measures are followed throughout the production process from receiving of raw materials through to the final product. Laboratory analysis at an independent laboratory is carried out throughout the year on all the company’s products.

A continuous program of investment in the most modern equipment, result in meat products with an established reputation for excellence.

The Company manufactures a wide range of products including cooked ham, cooked gammons, arrosto, mortadella, bacon, sausages and burgers.

The Company is proud that the Maltese consumer has recognized the superior quality of its products, and notwithstanding the fact that foreign products can be freely imported, the Maltese consumer has consistently preferred to purchase locally manufactured meat products, in particular those produced by PRIME.