Prime Products

Cooked Ham

Prime’s ham is made using the technology and equipment provided by Metalquimia of Spain, considered to be the world’s leading experts in… Read more »

Speciality Ham

This is the up-market range of cooked hams that are manufactured from the leaner and more expensive cuts such as pork legs and medallions. These … Read more »


Prime’s mortadella are made using the original recipes of Mr Bruno Galli, who was considered to be one of Italy’s leading experts in the… Read more »

Cooked Meats

Prime manufacture a fully range of cooked meats that are sold from supermarket deli counters. The range of cooked meats is also extensively used b… Read more »


Prime’s bacon is made according to the traditional method. This is a process of several days which allows the cure to fully develop. The bacon… Read more »


Prime manufacture several types of sausages including: Maltese Sausage This is the traditional sausage with garlic, coriander, parsley and pepper…. Read more »


Prime manufacture a complete range of burgers. These are made in different unit weights ranging from 57grams (2oz) to 150grams each. The range in… Read more »

Minced Meat

Prime manufacture various types of frozen minced meats, including Minced Beef, Pork and Chicken in both catering packs and consumer packs. The ra… Read more »

Pre-packed Consumer Packs of Frozen Meats

Prime have just introduced a range of pre-packed frozen meat in consumer packs of approximately 400 grams each. The range includes: Pork Cho… Read more »

Pre-packed Consumer Packs of Cooked Meats

Prime offers most of its range of cooked meats sliced and vacuum packed in convenient consumer packet of approximately 200grms each. These prod… Read more »